Kathryn & Robert
November 18, 2017 | Houston, TX

Elizabeth Shulman, Maid of Honor

Elizabeth met Kat and Robert at Rice, where they all played violin in the Marching Owl Band. Kat and Elizabeth bonded over their shared love of baseball and good beer. Elizabeth lives in North Carolina, where she earned her masters in library science from UNC and is now the fearless leader of the Durham County “Mall-brary”. Member of the wedding party most likely to take a selfie with a bear.

Michael Rog, Best Man

Michael and Robert met on their first day at Rice University, moving into the Will Rice College dormitory. They lived with each other for 8 years (and 4 buildings) full of dancing, cooking, and adventure. Together, they hosted weekly dinner parties at their apartment, followed by excursions to the Wild West country bar for Texas Two Step. Michael lives in Houston as a freelance web developer and business consultant.

Emily Liljestrand, Bridesmaid

Emily and Kat met during their first week at Rice and were roommates at Hanszen College for their last three years. Emily is a fisheries scientist who recently earned her master's from the University of Maryland and is starting her PhD at Michigan State this fall. She is a movie aficionado and accomplished world traveler.

Kevin Boos, Groomsman

Kevin met Robert upon joining the Rice Efficient Computing Group as a M.S./Ph.D. student in 2012, where Kevin has worked on mobile operating systems research. During their time together at Rice, they shared many coffee breaks, tennis matches, and conference travels, including to New Hampshire and Singapore.

Valerie Fox, Bridesmaid

Valerie and Kat met at Wash U while pursuing PhDs in planetary science. They both work with Mars robots and stare at a lot of squiggly lines. Valerie is an avid runner and ballroom dancer. After defending her PhD, Valerie will be starting a postdoc at Caltech this fall.

Bryan Malone, Groomsman

Bryan is often the life of the party, including at the weekly dinners at Robert and Michael's apartment. Inspired by Bryan's sense of adventure, Robert accompanied him to many night-time outings, including to ballparks, breweries, and barcades. Bryan lives in Houston, heading Epic Tutoring LLC, a friendly and devoted tutoring and test preparation service.

Melissa LiKamWa, Bridesmaid

Melissa is Robert’s second-youngest sister. She is currently an undergraduate at the University of Florida studying music education with a specialization in carillon.

"Melissa is fun.
Sometimes she enjoys haikus.

Allen Tang, Groomsman

Allen and Robert were childhood friends as they grew up in Orlando, Florida. Through elementary, middle, and high school, they found themselves in many of each others' classes, surviving through the International Baccalaureate program at Winter Park High School. Allen is an avid rock climber and pianist and works as an engineer at JBT AeroTech.

Amy LiKamWa, Bridesmaid

Amy and Robert met at the Arnold Palmer Hospital a few hours after she was born, and despite their ten-year age difference, he still played games like Paper Mario and Guitar Hero with her. Nowadays, she asks Robert for guidance on a more collegiate level as a second year Pre-Med Catholic Gator at the University of Florida. Amy aspires to be a pediatrician, but before she gets there she’s focusing on pain research, emergency medical response, and music in medicine.

Michael Cheng, Groomsman

Michael and Robert were also childhood friends in Orlando. After growing out of pretending to be ninja brothers and/or superheroes, they hung out as violinists in the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra, the Maitland Middle School Orchestra, and the Winter Park High School Orchestra. Michael has just received an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.