A little bit about us

Seven years ago, Kat and Robert met as undergrads at Rice University. Robert and his friends liked to go to a country western bar, Wild West, and they started bringing Kat along and teaching her how to dance.

During one of these outings Robert asked Kat out. She thought that was a pretty great idea, and they started dating.

After Robert graduated from undergrad, he decided to stay at Rice for his PhD.
Kat and Robert continued to have fun over the next three years in Houston...

... playing violin in the Marching Owl Band ...

... going to the rodeo...

... and traveling to far off places.

Kat graduated and moved to St. Louis to do her PhD at Wash U.

However, they continued to turn their visits with one another into fun adventures.

After Robert defended his doctoral thesis, they decided it was time for their relationship to take a new direction. Robert talked to Kat about how he might propose.

Kat said, "Not if I propose to you first!"

Kat flew down to Houston to help Robert pack up and drive to his new job in Arizona.

For their last day in Houston they planned a going-away party at Valhalla. As they walked across the Rice campus to the party, they stopped to take some nostalgic pictures.

Kat got down on one knee and asked Robert to marry her.

He said yes!

We hope you can join us on November 18, 2017
to celebrate our marriage.